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Spray Paints

Conforming to varied quality parameters, our range includes high quality of spray paints. ABRO Spray Paint is a versatile all-purpose, fast drying spray paint useful for exterior and/or interior application to many surface types for a fast dry bright finish.

Applications: Maybe used on wood, metal, drywall, plaster, cardboard and masonry. For example– Furniture | Toys | Lamps| Cabinets | Bicycles | Doors and many more.

All Surfaces must be free of any grease, dirt, rust, moisture, loose paint, or any other material which might interfere with proper adhesion. Glossy surfaces must be dulled by light sanding. Metals should be rust free and primer should be used for best results.
  • Add vibrant color to car, home and hobby.
  • Stops Sticking, Binding, and Squeaking
  • Repels Moisture; Conditions Rubber Seals
  • Long Durability and Performance
  • High Quality, Fast Drying for Interior/Exterior Use
SP 400mL 12/CASE