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AIPL ABRO MICROFIBRE CAR DUSTER used for cleaning the car within minutes. It saves water by reducing vehicle washing frequency. Its long plastic handle enables cleaning the vehicle top easily. It is made from specially treated microfiber which will lift the dust, without scratching the paint. It is washable and re-usable for years.
The microfiber dusters are the ultimate tools for cleaning and dusting in hard-to-reach places. It will no longer be hard to reach under the bed, the tops of ceiling fans, over and behind shelves, the tops of paintings and more. Plus you will be able to get under and between things too. Clean under the refrigerator and stove, in tight crevices and more in a flash. Dirt, dust, hair and micro particles will lift off the surface and become locked in the microfiber material. No chemicals are necessary because the unique microfiber material does all the cleaning for you. Remove 99% of all dirt and germs with just water as a detergent. The unique design of this tool makes it able to clean and dust better than any other tool.

  • Scratch-Free Microfiber duster.
  • Use dry for dusting or polishing.
  • Use wet for exterior car wash.
  • Remove dust from the interior or exterior of car.
  • Comes with storage bag.
  • PRODUCT CODE:MD-360-P (Purple); QTY/SIZE:8x36; UNIT/PCK:30
  • PRODUCT CODE:MD-360-B (Blue); QTY/SIZE:8x36; UNIT/PCK:30
  • PRODUCT CODE:MD-36-W (White); QTY/SIZE:8x36; UNIT/PCK:30